• Amelia McDonell

Empowered by Pole Dance Fitness

If you asked me even three years ago if I would be a pole dancer, I probably would have laughed (or been too embarrassed to admit that maybe just a little bit, I wanted to give it a go.) How things change!

A couple of years ago I became aware of how out of touch I felt with myself. I wanted to feel good again, to reconnect with myself and find ways to exercise and move that make me feel alive. I've always loved to dance and move. I was never an amazing dancer. I had a colleague when I lived and worked in Launceston, who was a pole dance teacher at Pole Revolution (a fantastic studio), so I decided to give pole a go. Now that I had moved to "The Nook", I had to drive almost an hour and a half to get to class. But it was so worth it. Like so many people I instantly fell in love with pole. I wasn't talented, my moves didn't look “pretty”, but it was so much fun, such a great challenge, and I always finished class feeling like I had worked hard. Every single classmate was totally supportive.

My vision for Empower Pole is a space in which the joy of pole dance fitness is accessible to everybody, no matter your age or fitness level. I work as an occupational therapist and believe strongly in equity and the need for all people to have opportunity for creativity, growth and expression. For me pole dance is about having fun, being playful and finding new challenges so I can continue to grow and learn as a pole dancer and a human being. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Perhaps pole is not your form of fitness, connection and self expression. But you won't know until you try. I didn't think it was for me. Now, I can't imagine life without it.

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